Sermons by Sharon

Though we cannot think alike, may we not love alike?
May we not be of one heart, though we are not of one opinion?
Without all doubt, we may.
Herein all the children of God may unite,
notwithstanding these smaller differences.
John Wesley (Sermon 39 Catholic Spirit)

Sharon was consecrated Deaconess at United Methodist Women Assembly May 18, 2018, this was followed in June by being commissioned at annual conference in Redlands. Bishop Hagiya appointed her to DisAbility Ministries Committees at both the denominational and conference levels.

Sharon is a native of California and the second of five children of a Methodist minister and a registered nurse.
Her Grandfather was a Methodist minister and her grandmother was a special education teacher.
Her sister is an ordained United Methodist minister near Santa Monica.
Since 1972 Sharon and her husband Dale have been singing Original, Contemporary, and Old Time Gospel music for congregations in California and Arizona.
After years as a lay speaker Sharon became a Certified Lay Speaker in June 1995.
After working for ten years as a chemist, and another ten years as a special education teacher, she responded to her call to ordained ministry.
She graduated from Claremont School of Theology with her MDIV in May 2007.

While finishing the last semester on her Masters of Divinity at Claremont School of Theology,
Sharon was Interim Licensed Local Pastor until Annual Conference 2007 At
Good Shepherd United Methodist Church in Westminster Ca.
Who’s In Charge Here - First Sunday - Good Shepherd United Methodist Church - 03/18/2007
Let’s Get Noisy! - Palm Sunday - Good Shepherd United Methodist Church - 04/01/2007
And God Said Yes! - Easter Sunday - Good Shepherd United Methodist Church - 04/08/2007

Sharon was Commissioned Provisional Elder on June 20, 2009 at Cal-Pac Annual Conference in Redlands Ca.
Her first appointment starting July 1, 2009 was Linda Vista United Methodist Church in San Diego. Sermons at Linda Vista

Starting August 1 2012 Sharon has been the Facilitator of the Cal-Pac DisAbilities Ministries Task Force.

During April 2013 including Easter Reverend Sharon Gollery McCart was temporary Pastor at West Covina United Methodist Church Sermons at West Covina

She is currently Vice Chair of the DisAbility Ministries Committee of the United Methodist Church.
This is the denominational committee, working on behalf of United Methodists with disabilities all over the world.

When people of all levels of ability are joyfully welcomed into our congregations and become full participants in the life of the church,
the Realm of God will be among us and within us!

Four friends brought their friend to Christ, tearing a hole in a roof they wanted so badly for his life to be changed!
What would you do to change a friend's life?

Reverend Sharon Gollery McCart - "Finding a Way" 11/11/2012
Sharon and Dale's presentation "Disability Barriers Down" at WFX 2015 Nashville 18th November

Sharon's Article "Building for a Disability-Friendly Church" in September 2015 Worship Facilities Magazine

Sharon's Article "God Makes a Way: Building a Conference Disability Task Force" in May/June 2014 New World Outlook magazine

Sharon McCart, Presenter GBCS conference call “Breaking Down Barriers: Disabilities Ministries and Advocacy”. 10/23/2014

Sharon McCart, Coordinator Disability Christian Conferencing Special Event at California-Pacific Annual Conference June 2014

Sharon speaking at Cal-Pac Annual Conference in Redlands Ca June 15, 2012 Sharon starts after 1:40

At Pacific Beach UMC on 11/11/2012. Reverend Sharon Gollery McCart : "Finding a Way" (Matthew 19:13-15; Mark 2:1-12)
At United Methodist Church of Palm Springs on 11/03/2013. "Always Room For More" (Luke 14:12-24)
University United United Methodist Church - 12/15/2013 "Diary of a Young Girl" (Isaiah 35:1-10; Luke 1:46-55)
At Redlands First UMC on 01/25/2015. "Welcoming All to God’s table!" (Luke 14:12-24)

A Light in the Darkness - Santa Margarita United Methodist Church- 11/27/2005
What Just Happened? - Santa Margarita United Methodist Church - 02/12/2006
It's Personal - Santa Margarita United Methodist Church - 05/07/2006
Who Is This Jesus - University United Methodist Church - 11/26/2006
Fully Known - Covina United Methodist Church - 01/28/2007

Strings - Claremont School of Theology - 05/03/2007
Hungering and Thirsting - Laguna Country United Methodist Church - 09/16/2007
Homeless in a Dark Night - University United Methodist Church - 12/30/2007
Jesus Loves Me after General Conference - Laguna Country United Methodist Church - 05/04/2008
Engraved on the Hand of GOD/Never Forgotten- Cornerstone United Methodist Church - 05/25/2008
In the Wilderness - University United Methodist Church - 06/22/2008
What Are You Wearing - First United Methodist Church of North Hollywood - 09/07/2008
Hide and Seek - University United Methodist Church - 11/30/2008
Don't Screen Your Calls! - University United Methodist Church - 01/25/2009
Muddy Waters - Palisades United Methodist Church - 02/15/2009
What's Your Story - Yorba Linda United Methodist Church - 04/19/2009
Children of God - Westchester United Methodist Church - 04/26/2009

First Sunday at Linda Vista San Deigo Ca.
Remembering and Reconnecting - Linda Vista United Methodist Church - 07/05/2009
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